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Love Is a Bridge Between Two hearts

Hope you all have a wonderful new week and may all the bridges you cross lead you to love and happiness.

“Bridges Burned Forevermore” Mike Curb Congregation “Bridge Over Troubled Water” Simon and Garfunkel “Love is a Bridge Between Two Hearts” Chris Norman  “Misty Morning Albert Bridge” The Pogues “Just Over the Brooklyn Bridge” Art Garfunkel “Burning Bridges” Glen Campbell “Bridges Crossing Rivers” Bee Gees “Across the Bridge Where Angels Dwell” Van Morrison

Thunder In My Heart

Hope you’re all having a wonderful new week. Here are some great songs with thunder as the theme.
“Thunder Road” Bruce Springsteen

“Thunder and Lightning” Chicago “Thunder In My Heart”  Leo Thayer “Thunder On the Mountain” Bob Dylan “When the Thunder Comes” Roger Daltry “Sound of Thunder” Duran Duran “Thunder In the Night” Elton John

Looking Out My Backdoor

Hope your new week is going great. Just a mix of songs from days gone by for you to enjoy.

“One Way Wind” Pier Veerman “Somewhere In the Night” Barry Manilow “Looking Out My Backdoor” Creedence Clearwater Revival “Come Back When You Grow Up”  Bobby Vee “Pied Piper” Crispian St. Peters “Across the Universe”  The Beatles “Dreaming” Blondie

I'll Follow the Sun

Hope this weekend finds you having fun under the sun. Enjoy.

"Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" Elton John

"Sunshine Superman" Donovan
"I'll Follow the Sun" The Beatles "The Warmth of the Sun" The Beach Boys
"Waiting For the Sun" The Doors "California Sun" Ramones
"Rising Sun" George Harrison "Walking On Sunshine" Katrina and the Waves

Even the Nights Are Better

Hoping this new week finds you enjoying life. I offer songs about relationships that once were topping the charts. Hope you enjoy them and remember the good times.

"Starting Over" John Lennon
"Key Largo" Bertie Higgins "Even the Nights Are  Better" Air Supply "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You" Laura Branigan "Blue Eyes" Elton John "Here Comes the Rain Again" Eurythmics
"Roseanna" Toto

"Stumblin In" Suzy Quatro and Chris Norman

Ring of Fire

Its the summer and if where you are it seems there is a ring of fire around the sun then lay back, have a cool drink and listen to these songs that were at the top the summer of 1963 and let the memories flow.

"Da Doo Ron Ron" The Crystals

"Candy Girl" The Four Seasons

"Ring of Fire" Johnny Cash
"Devil In Disguise" Elvis "If You Wanna Be Happy" Jimmy Soul "Another Saturday Night" Sam Cooke he  "Wipe Out" The Surfaris