Music That Fills the Heart

This is special for a dear friend and very talented artist Yokhan Sebastian.

Yokhan Sebastian is a new Canadian singer/songwriter from Ontario. He started writing songs in late 2011. The first song he wrote was entitled "Who Are the One Percent?" He wrote this song basically to question why no one went to jail for the biggest financial meltdown in history in 2009. He found out then that he could put his thoughts down on paper and apply a melody to it, if he feels very strongly about a specific subject or topic.
He writes and sings meaningful songs about social issues and other topics that are not normally covered by other songwriters. He is hoping the messages that he is sharing through his songs will make the listeners sit up and think and hopefully will speak to the listeners' heart. "Music is the Roadmap to your Heart" is his favorite saying.
Hopefully, his songs will cater to music lovers that like to really listen to the lyrics of a song and be touched by the song. The style and/or genre of the song does not matter as long as the lyrics are meaningful enough to arouse your emotional sense, inspires you, touches you and speaks to your heart. And makes you think about the lyrics long after the song has ended. In a nutshell, he hopes to write inspirational songs.

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