Farewell Demis

My heart is broken and I’m sad having just found out that Greek singer Demis Roussos joined the angle choirs on January 25th   at the age of 68. He had a wonderful voice and his songs could send you to the heavens and back. He began his singing career as part of a progressive rock group called Aphrodite’s Child. It was when he began his solo career in the 70s that he became internationally known. His first song was

“We Shall Dance”

Among this most popular and loved songs were

“Forever and Ever”
“My Friend the Wind”

“Lovely Lady of Arcadia”

His last album came out in May of 2009 and included this song

“Song Without End”
One of my most favorite songs I could now devote to his memory

“Goodbye My Love, Goodbye”

Demis Roussos I hope you have found peace in the heavens above.

“Una Paloma Blanca”

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