The Polish Prince

This American pop singer of Polish and Lithuanian ethnic background came into this world as Stanley Robert Vinton, Jr. but became known to his fans as Bobby Vinton. Later on he gained the title of The Polish Prince and the song most associated with him became “Blue Velvet”. 

In1964 Vinton came out with two number one hits “There I’ve Said It Again” and “Mr. Lonely”.

“There I’ve Said It Again”

In 1968 he struck gold with “I Love How You Love Me” which sold over a million copies and was awarded a gold record by the RIAA.
In the 70s Vinton came out with a song which he partially wrote himself and sang part of it in Polish. This is a lovely song and a particular favorite of mine “My Melody of Love”.

One more song I want to mention is “Halfway to Paradise” and Vinton with his singing certainly takes you all the way to paradise. There is much to enjoy so take a listen to this wonderful singer.


You most likely couldn’t image who Bobby Vinton recorded his final studio album with in 1992. Get ready for this – it was George Burns. Here is their recorded duet of the ever popular song “As Time Goes By”.

Google image 

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