Love Songs from the Heart

When Dean Martin sang love songs he sang them so that whoever listened to them would be swept away with emotion.  One of his most popular love songs is “That’s Amore”. Why not love? Because in Italian amore means love and this song describes the way they fall in love in Napoli or Naples. This is a town in southern Italy. Everything about this song just makes you smile and if you’re not already, then fall in love.

“That’s Amore”

Another wonderful song is “Return to Me”. A most passionate love song about wanting a lost love to return.

“Return to Me”

This song has been recorded by many other artists among them Dean Martin, who recorded this in 1931. An incredibly sweet love song.

“Goodnight Sweetheart”

 Wishing you a lot of love and many wonderful love songs to listen to on moonlit nights.



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