Rockin’ Christmas Songs

In between my usual posts I thought it would be great to also roll in the holidays with different kinds of Christmas songs. So what better way to begin than with rocking in the holidays?

The Beatles gave everyone a real treat for the holidays in 1967 when they recorded “Christmas Time is Here Again” as a fan-club recording. Surprisingly this song wasn’t officially released until 1995 when it became a part of the “Anthology” series.  It’s a real treat as you’ll discover that at the end of the recording are some spoken word greeting recorded in 1966 and one of John Lennon’s free-versed poems.

“Christmas Time is Here Again”

This is an incredible Christmas song sung by the memorable Freddie Mercury of the legendary band Queen. Even though the song was never included on a Queen album it can be found on their “Greatest Hits III” release and on multiple holiday compilations. Now I know you’re curious to know all about this song, so give it a listen.

“Thank God it’s Christmas”

Here’s an amazing Christmas song way back from when Bob Seger was singing on his own and wasn’t part of the Silver Bullet Band.  “Sock It to Me Santa” was recorded in 1966 by Bob Seger and The Last Heard.

“Sock It to Me Santa”

Alright that’s enough holiday rocking for now. More to come soon.

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