The Talented Leonard Cohen

Thinking about who I’d like to add to my music blog before the New Year arrives I decided it would be Leonard Cohen, who is a Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, poet and novelist. This very talented man has given us many memorable songs to enjoy. He has been inducted into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. 

His first album was titled Songs of Leonard Cohen released in 1967 and includes such songs as “Suzanne” and “So Long Marianne”.

“So Long Marianne”

I began with the first and will also mention the latest album released in September of 2014 right after his 80th birthday titled “Popular Problems” featuring songs like “Almost Like the Blues” and “Did I Ever Love You”. This is his 13th studio album.

“Did I Ever Love You”

Among his most popular song are “Famous Blue Raincoat” in a way considered his signature song and

“Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye”


I must also include two of my particular favorites “Hallelujah” and

“Let’s Dance to the End of Love”
Let’s all dance in the New 2015 Year and hope for a banner year!

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