The Incredible Voice of Paul Anka

If you enjoy songs like “Diana” and “Put Your Head on My Shoulders” then you know the incredible voice of Paul Albert Anka. This Canadian singer, songwriter and actor has a string of popular hits in the 50s, 60s and 70s. His songs are timeless and still enjoyed by many today. He was inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame in 2005.

One of the songs most associated with Paul Anka is “Diana”

Many romantic couples have kissed to his song “Put Your Head on My Shoulders”
One of his best known number one hits is “(You’re) Having My Baby”


The song that always brings back fond memories for me is “Times of Your Life”

Paul Anka recorded his final Top 40 Hit in the U.S.  in 1983 and the song was the beautiful “Hold Me Til’ the Morning Comes”

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